WiCo C1


– RS422 to Sony 700 protocol/Sony 700 protocol to RS422
– 4 GPIO (embedded as tally and call)
– galvanic isolated RS422
– no handshakes outside converter
– standard RS422 baudrates
– 8-pin or external power supply
– RCP/RMB can be powered via converter 8-pin

WiCo R1


– Affordable and easy to use system
– Allows to control 2 cameras via single UHF channel (900MHz or 2.4GHz)
– Green and Red tally lights
– Standard 1/4" tripod thread on the camera unit

WiCo E1


– 8 channel telemetry (100M Ethernet)
– 1 or 2 radio channels (900MHz or 2.4Ghz with a range up to 500 meters)
– software that allows you to work without physical control panels
– 12 tally inputs on the Remote block

WiCo C2


– ip to Sony 700 protocol/ Sony 700 protocol to ip
– 4 GPIO (embedded as tally and call)
– no handshakes outside converter
– 8-pin/PoE/external power supply
– RCP/RMB can be powered via converter 8-pin

WiCo C1 is an RS422 to Sony 700 protocol converter, which allows you to use wired point-to-point telemetry. The set up is very simple - all you need is to connect one of the units to your camera, and the other to RCP or RMB.

WiCo C1 is built as 2 separate units connected to each other via RS422. One of the units receives commands from RCP/RMB via Sony 700 Protocol and converts them into RS422. Then the data is transmitted to the 2nd converter, which converts it back to Sony 700 Protocol.

Importantly, handshake for Sony 700 Protocol is processed securely within the converters. This was included to reduce pressure on the RS422 interface, which allows the system to transfer data on lower baud rates.

One of the units is powered by the camera’s 8pin remote, assisting convenient data transmission. The other unit is powered locally and can also power RCP/RMB.

Additionally WiCo C1 allows 4 GPIO signals to be sent, which can be used to send information to and from the camera. This can be used for signals like tally. Moreover, GPIO signals can be embedded into Sony 700 Protocol as red/green tally or call.

Pay now







  • RJ45 (for RS422)
  • 4 GPIO DB9
  • USB connector (for PC)
  • DC power 10-30V
  • MXR 8-pin (Sony 700 Protocol)


  • W 83mm, D 83mm, H 24mm
  • 150g/0.33lbs